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Fitness Plans

Movement is part of a healthy lifestyle.

Making daily movement a habit can start as simply as taking a walk every day.  Get your family or a friend involved to stay committed.  Adding functional movements to your day can help build strength, improve coordination and balance, as well as alleviating stress.  The key is to find movement that brings you joy.  Movement that you look forward to doing. What types of movement brought you joy as a kid?  Did you love to swim, ride a bike, dance, or play a sport.   How can you get more of that kind of joyful movement into your day?

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Pilates Private Session

Pilates helped me to cultivate a body awareness that I previously lacked. Understanding how the body should move allows for more freedom of movement, greater flexibility and improved strength making your every day movements outside of your Pilates sessions much more efficient and comfortable.​  Private sessions work with your individual needs in mind. 

Private sessions are ideal if you are

  • new to Pilates or exercise

  • post rehab from an injury

  • looking to improve athletic performance

Bodhi Suspension Training


Bodhi is a Sanskrit word meaning to awaken and this unique form of exercises awakens the body in very unique ways.  Moving the body in and out of gravity with the assistance of strong mountain climbing robes awakens the core like nothing else I have tried.  Using the rope system also allows the body to work in the connective tissue system as well as the musculoskeletal system creating flowing, dynamic movements that feel good in the body.

Suspension training at it's finest. The Bodhi Suspension System stimulates the deep support systems in the body to create integrated, functional, fluid movement. The unique 4 points of suspension create an environment where balance, strength and flexibility work together to create a strong, stable core. Take your workouts and your body to new heights!  


Class size limited to 4.  Advanced registration required.

Pilates Group Classes

If you already have Pilates experience and have a more flexible schedule, then Pilates group classes may be the way to go.  Experience a contemporary approach to Pilates that builds strength, improves functional movement, and enhances flexibility in a fun and enlightened atmosphere. Class size is limited to 5 so that you can get the attention you deserve during the class.  Classes fill quickly so advanced registration is required. The monthly rate assures your spot in the class you want and is includes a discount for committing to the entire month.

CoreAlign & Cycle

Like a circuit but better! Cardio cycle drills are alternated with strength and core exercises using the CoreAlign for functional fitness. One hour, one workout, one amazing way to change your body. Let's get your fitness journey started!  


Class size limited to 4.  Advanced registration required.

MELT & Restore

Reap the benefits of this unique hands-off bodywork approach that helps prevent pain, heal injury, and erase the negative effects of aging and active living. Through simulated techniques used in manual therapy, you will help to eliminate stress, enhance body awareness, rehydrate connect tissue, and quiet the nervous system. The first time you MELT, you see and feel a difference – and over time, you can transform how your body looks and feels.


Amy has taught the MELT Method Hand and Foot Treatment techniques to the Cincinnati Bengals during their pre-season to help them prepare for the rigors of training.