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Creating stonger, healthier bodies

I fix broken diets so you can live the healthy life you're imagining!

Imagine how great it would feel to move with more ease and less pain. 

Coach Amy

Even as those around you try fad after fad, losing a little weight only to regain it and more, you will be:

  • eating foods that make your body feel good, without food rules or restrictive behaviors

  • moving your body every day in a way that gives you energy, makes you feel strong, and boosts your confidence

  • sleeping great so that you have enough energy and mental clarity to accomplish all that you want to achieve

We all want to live a life filled with energy, confidence and joy.  I know that you care about your health and want to live in a body that feels strong, confident, and full of energy, yet find it difficult to fit in all that you are responsible for and still have something leftover for yourself.  As a busy woman myself, I understand the challenges of eating well and exercising, which is why I want to simplify things for you.  It doesn't have to be one or the other.  You can be successful at work that you enjoy, take care of your family, and attend to your needs as well. 


Are you ready to take your life from exhausted, overwhelmed, and unhappy with the way your body looks or feels, to a women with energy, confidence, and clear focus? I will be your guide and help you stay committed to the action steps we design as you create the body and life that you deserve. I'm ready to help you make that happen, but I can't do that unless you take the fist simple steps to get started:

  1. Schedule a call to discuss your goals and dreams

  2. Let me create a custom plan for your unique needs

  3. Join me in the Body and Lifestyle Transformation Program  

A recent client who made the investment in herself by joining the program reported " Amy has been my fitness coach for more than four years. In that time, she has challenged me to move beyond perceived constraints and has been key to my success in improving strength, flexibility, balance and endurance. Last year Amy put on her nutrition coach hat to help me break the cycle of weight loss followed by weight gain. With her support, I have been successful in losing twenty pounds and reversing early signs of diabetes. It is a pleasure to work with Amy and I consider myself truly fortunate to have her as a coach."

Now it's your turn to create the body and life you have been longing for, with me there to guide you along each step of the program.

Get started with the Body and Lifestyle Transformation Program today!


Listen to how this program has helped others gain a happy body and a happy life.

Postcard to my future self.png

You will finally live in the body you deserve!

Lifestyle Transformation Coaching is not a diet or meal plan.  There is no calorie counting or point systems.  You will learn to take control of your choices.  Some of the things you will learn to do include:

  • cut through the confusion and clutter of fitness information to eat well without unnecessary food rules

  • add movement to your day in a way that fits with your schedule

  • put systems in place that allow for your success, no matter how busy you are

Previous clients have reported:

"My relationship with food has changed." and "This program has changed the way I look, feel, and think about my body."



Abby G.

After completing the 21 Day Detox, I feel so much better. My energy has increased and I lost 3 pounds. I have never felt so full in my life in a "diet". I have learned some things that I'm going to incorporate into my everyday eating.


Thank you so much!

Mary Ann C.

After my c section 6 years ago, I knew I needed help to get myself feeling like myself again. I turned to Amy and she really helped me. Within a few months I felt better than ever. I have since worked on and off with her over the years and I would recommend her to anyone that wants to feel and look better. Amy truely cares about you and your health.

Lisa S.

I have been training with Amy for over a year, one to two classes a week - and my body has been entirely transformed! And, I have Amy to thank!  It seemed as if my body changed overnight! I lost inches everywhere, and 10 pounds without even trying!  I feel great! I have less pain, my balance has improved significantly, and I have muscles where I’ve never had muscles before! Even my husband notices the difference. It is completely obvious when you meet Amy, she has chosen the perfect profession – she is an outstanding Pilates’ instructor